Belo | The Guardian Tree
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The Guardian Tree



About This Project

The Guardian Tree, a work of art created for Greenpeace Canada representing the determination of more than 60,000 people to protect our endangered forests.


Inspired from the actual act of felling a tree that consists of cutting it down to cause it to fall, Belo has created a sculpture made entirely from repurposed wood. This repetitious act is reflected in the Guardian Tree through the multiple layers of wood piled one on top of the other to create the shape of a coniferous tree; a tree found in the Boreal Forest. Measuring 14 feet high, it is painted white to signify the purity of nature but also to reference the French term for clear-cutting which is a “coupe à blanc.” Clear-cutting is a logging practice whereby all trees are cut down from a designated area, leaving nothing but empty space.


The names of those who signed the #StandForForests pledge has been written onto the layers of the Guardian Tree creating a symbolic barrier to protect it against unsustainable logging. The real guardians are all the people who are taking a stand to protect Canada’s Boreal Forest.


Photos: Robert Wagenhoffer et Mélanie Wagenhoffer