Belo | The Citizen Tree
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The Citizen Tree



About This Project

An ephemeral art installation associated with In Town Without My Car 2013 in Montreal.


A parking space, is one less tree.
A parking space, is a place without life.
A parking space, is one more car in the city.


Intending to educate citizens about the negative impact of cars on quality of life and on the environment, Belo illustrated a tree on the pavement of a parking lot in the middle of the city.


The branches of the tree without leaves exhibits an arid, dry and infertile space, intended for the motorist. The foliage, made up of close to 100,000 recycled OPUS cards (public transit passes), symbolizes life and evokes all the benefits that are associated with the presence of a tree in the city. Each leaf represents an individual who has chosen public transportation and who, by this gesture, permits the tree to retake its place in the urban landscape.


Photos: Robert Wagenhoffer